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Saptapadi Setup

Saptapadi Rangoli Setup for Marriage / Wedding in Hyderabad

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  • Saptapadi rangoli
  • Traditional flower petal rangoli on the floor

Rental Time

  • up to 3 or 6 hours

Requirements from Your End

  • Sufficient space to arrange Saptapadi rangoli.

Saat Phere or Saptapadi, meaning seven steps, this ritual between the bride and the groom is what officiates the wedding ceremony as per Hindu marriage traditions. While we consider this tradition of the wedding to be a mere make-your-presence-known kind of scenario, there is quite a deep meaning behind Saptapadi. You might be all ready to get married, but understanding what rituals you both are set to perform, understanding the meaning behind these rituals and accepting Saptapadi truly from the bottom of your heart are a few of the things that make up for a more memorable wedding experience.