Jesvenues is India's first and only one chain of technology driven, affordable branded network of event space to provide the best event experience. is an online venue booking platform.

Our business

We give venue seekers access to best and awesome locations for their next event. We brought all best and awesome event spaces together in one place under jesvenues brand in a format ready-to-book user base.

Our streamlined booking experience combines exciting spaces with event services. This means that a venue as well as other services needed for an event like catering, projector, stage, and DJ/sound etc can all be booked at the click of a button in a hassle-free transaction. We have the dynamic event spaces that will make any event stand out. Let JesVenues bring the best out of your event and change the way you gather.

Founder Profile

JesVenues Founder and CEO Pradeep Kumar Medida

Founder and CEO

Pradeep is the founder and CEO at JESVENUES. He was the professional event manager and founder of Daisy Event Solutions an event management company at Hyderabad. He knows the pain points from event venue seekers and as well as venue providers.

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