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Kashi Yatra Set

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In this new age south Indian wedding, Kashi Yatra is a glimmer of fun and wonder for brides and grooms today. Imagine a groom in a dhoti deciding to walk out of his own marriage ceremony, to Kashi with an Umbrella, stick, hand fan, book, and bag, in fear of a wife and married life?

The hundred-meter dash of the Kashi Yatra is as fun and games like the newer set of wedding games for a south Indian marriage and adds to the fun and festivity of a ceremonial day. 


  • Kasi Yatra set of items ( Umbrella, hand fan, book, bag, stick, Padukalu / wooden sandals, etc )
  • Traditional flower petal rangoli on the floor

Rental Time: up to 3 or 6 hours

Requirements from Your End:

  • Sufficient space to set up.
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