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Special Acts By Amazing Couple

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This amazing couple performed special acts for so many TV Shows, hundreds of weddings, birthdays, and corporate events and many more. They can do six different special act performances. They are experts in Quick Dress change act, Lilliput dance act, Headless dance, Hula hoop ring dance, Statue dance, Balloon act

  • Quick Dress Change Act: This act is also called quick dress change magic. In 3 to 5 minutes dance performance, artists will illustrate audience by continuously changing different dresses live on the stage without knowing how they changed dress in a fraction of seconds. Audience will get thrilled by seeing this act.
  • Lilliput Dance Act: Artists perform a dance as Lilliput. To please the kids and audience this is the best performance.
  • Headless dance Act: Artist will perform a dance without head in a different costume.
  • Hula Hoop Ring Dance Act: Artist will perform a dance with multiple rings by rotating around the body
  • Statue Dance Act: Artist will perform a dance like a statue with two heads
  • Balloon Dance Act: Artist will perform a dance with a big balloon
Performance time: Each act will be 3 to 5 minutes. For all 6 performances it will take up to 30 minutes. Artists need 5 to 10 minutes gap between each performance to prepare and change costume for the next performance.
Requirements from Your End:
  • Good Sound system to play the tracks need to arrange from your side