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Pallaki Or Doli

Pelli Pallaki | Palki | Dholi | Palanquin For Rent in Hyderabad for Wedding, Marriage, Saree ceremony

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Pallaki Package Includes:

  • One Pallaki
  • Pallaki lifters
  • Pallaki lifters will come in traditional wear

Pallaki Rental Duration

  • Pallaki and lifters will be available for a maximum of 3 or 6 hours.


  • Flower decoration to the Pallaki is not included in the package. If you want you can arrange your side.

Why should you hire a Pallaki for the bride in her wedding in Hyderabad?

             Pallaki can be called in many ways in different areas. It can be also called Palki, Dholi, Palanquin, Litter, etc.
On special occasions like weddings and saree ceremonies, Pallaki is used to give a special entrance for the bride/girl to the venue. Pallaki entrance will enhance the look of the bride/girl at her event. To please the bride/girl on her special day, this is the best option.

In Hyderabad, a Pallaki is a symbol of tradition and grandeur, perfect for a bride\'s wedding procession. The Pallaki, adorned with exquisite embellishments, creates a majestic aura befitting the occasion. It\'s a cherished tradition in Hyderabad to hire a Pallaki, adding charm and elegance to the festivities. The sight of a beautifully decorated Pallaki carrying the bride is truly captivating. Guests marvel at the splendour of the Pallaki as it glides through the wedding venue. Hyderabad\'s rich cultural heritage shines through the elaborate designs of these bridal carriages. Hiring a Pallaki in Hyderabad elevates the wedding experience, making it unforgettable for the bride and guests alike. The rhythmic steps of the Pallaki bearers add a sense of ceremonial grace to the procession. In Hyderabad, the Pallaki is not just a mode of transport but a symbol of the city\'s timeless traditions and opulent celebrations.