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Hoopla is a game in which rings are thrown from behind a line in an attempt to encircle one of several prizes. Toss the ring to win your prizes if it is successful. Hoopla one of the best fun activity for kids and as well as all age people

  • One Person handles the Hoopla stall (arranges the stall and attends the counter).
  • Rings to toss
  • Maximum 30 Gifts can be arranged. Gifts will be basic ones like Kids toys, cups, dolls etc...
Time: Can be available for upto 3 to 6 hours (based on your choice at booking).
Requirements from Your End:
  • You can get your own gifts if you wish to present to your guests.
  • Table / counter should be arranged from your side for artist to arrange the props and carry out the activity
  • Each one can toss it up for maximum 3 times from 6 feet distance.