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Tiffins Live Stall

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South Indian Tiffins Live Stall - 5 Verities

South Indian Tiffins like Dosa, Idly has become immensely popular live food counters in all functions and parties of the Indian.

Everyone likes Dosa, Idly verities. Especially kids like most. Tiffin live stall is very much suitable for all occasions like weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, etc.
  • Tiffins live stall with the choice of 5 verities
  • You can choose 5 verities from below list
  • Masala dosa/ plain Dosa, Idly, Vada, Pesarattu, Vupma, Mysore Bonda, Gaare
  • Persons handle the live stall (for arranging the counter and cook and serve)
  • All the raw material and disposals will bring by our persons
 Requirements from Your End:
  • 3 table is required for tiffins counter setup