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Pot Making Live Stall

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Pot Making is one of the fun and interesting activity to entertain the guests of all age groups and mostly kids. Pot Maker molds the clay on running wheel. All the guests will enjoy by seeing this activity.

  • A Pot maker will make different shaped small pots.
  • Pot maker can teach how to mould, where kids will enjoy making different pottery.
  • Pots can be taken as return gifts.
  • Molder will bring needed things, clay, wheel etc to carry out the activity.
Performance Time: Artist can be available upto 3 to 6 hours (based on your choice of booking).
Requirements from Your End:
  • One chair
  • 1-2 feet height stage platform table (Chowki) (To put wheel and display the pots)
  • Sufficient space (approx 8*8 ft) needs to be arranged from your side.