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Game Host

Game host can also called as game jockey or game organizer. Game host can bring in more excitement to your party with innovative and engaging games. Game host will engage your guests and conduct crazy games and gives funny tasks to make fun, laugh and to entertain.

  • One Game host
  • Organize games for your guests and also can take care of making small announcements.
  • Props to organizing games will bring by game host. Like balls, rings, balloons, straws etc.
  • Games are usually conducted based on the audience age group and mood.
Performance time: 45 to 60 minutes
Requirements from Your End:
  • If the gathering is more than 25, Sound system with 2 (two) cordless mics and tracks is compulsory.
  • 25 to 30 gifts to distribute for game winners.
Type: Standard, premium and supreme are categorized based on the artist's / service experience, performance, quality, rating and reviews.



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