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Pot Making | Pottery | Clay Molding in Hyderabad for Birthday Party, Wedding, Marriage, Corporate / Promotional Events

Hire Live Pottery In Hyderabad

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Pottery Package Includes

  • One Pot Maker.
  • A Pot maker will make differently shaped small pots.
  • Pot makers can teach how to mould, and kids will enjoy making different pottery.
  • Pots can be taken as return gifts.
  • Molder will bring needed things, clay, a wheel etc to carry out the activity.

Pottery Activity Duration

  • The Pot maker will be available for up to 3 to 6 hours (based on your choice of booking).

Requirements from Your End for The Pottery

  • One chair
  • 1-2 feet height stage platform table (Chowki) (To put the wheel and display the pots) (Optional)
  • Sufficient space (approx 8*8 ft) needs to be arranged from your side.

Why should you hire Pottery Activity for your event in Hyderabad.

                Pot Making is one of the fun and interesting activities to entertain guests of all age groups and mostly kids. Pot Maker moulds the clay on a running wheel. All the guests will enjoy seeing this activity.

                Elevate the ambience of your event in Hyderabad with the engaging experience of Live Pottery demonstrations. Hire a skilled Pot maker who can create beautiful pots live at Baby showers, adding a touch of artistry to the occasion. Enhance the charm of Bridal showers in Hyderabad with a Live Pottery stall, where guests can enjoy the pottery-making process. Add a traditional touch to Mehendi ceremonies by featuring a Live Pottery activity, allowing guests to create personalized pots. Bring cultural flair to Haldi ceremonies with the artistry of a Live Pot maker, captivating guests with pottery craftsmanship. Make sangeet celebrations memorable by incorporating a Live Pottery demonstration, appealing to guests of all ages. Create a unique experience at weddings in Hyderabad with Live Pottery, showcasing the beauty of handmade pottery. Impress attendees at corporate events with a Live Pottery stall, offering a blend of creativity and entertainment. Draw attention and add charm to promotional events in Hyderabad with Live Pottery showcases, attracting a diverse audience. Delight young guests at kids\' birthday parties with a Live Pottery station, where they can explore their creativity and make their own pots.