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Giant Jenga

Hire Giant Jenga game in Hyderabad for Sangeet, Weddings, Corporate and Birthday party

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Giant Jenga Game Includes

  • One Dedicated Person handles the Giant Jenga Game live stall (arranges and attends the stall).
  • All required equipment (Jenga wooden bricks etc) is from our side.

Giant Jenga Game Duration

  • The Jenga game can be available for up to 3 to 6 hours (based on your choice at booking).

Requirements from Your End for the Giant Jenga Game

  • A chair and table are required from your side to set up the Jenga game.

Make your events in Hyderabad unforgettable with the thrill of a giant Jenga game! Perfect for sangeet ceremonies, weddings, corporate gatherings, and birthday parties, our giant Jenga game adds an exciting twist to any occasion. Challenge your guests with the towering blocks and watch the excitement unfold. Rent our giant Jenga game today and bring laughter and competition to your event in Hyderabad. Create lasting memories with our giant Jenga game rental service in Hyderabad. Spice up your celebrations with the entertainment of a giant Jenga game. Elevate your event with the interactive fun of our giant Jenga game rental option. Book now for a unique and engaging experience with the giant Jenga game at your fingertips. Let the giant Jenga game be the highlight of your Hyderabad event, making it a hit among guests!