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Tattoo Artist

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Tattoo Artist Package Includes:
  • A tattoo artist who can paint different designs on hands, arms, necks, etc.
  • The tattoo artist will bring all the needed things like colors and brushes to paint the tattoos.

Tattoo Artist Duration:

  • The tattoo Artist can be available for up to 3 to 6 hours (based on your choice of booking).

Requirements from Your End for The Tattoo Artist:

  • A table and chair need to be arranged by your side for the artist to arrange their props and carry out the tattoo activity.
  • Watercolors are used to paint the tattoos.
  • These are temporary tattoos.
  • To remove the tattoos simply wash with water.
  • In 3 hours artist can cover 30 to 40 tattoos.

Why Should We Book a Tattoo Artist?

             Having a tattoo artist at kids parties in Hyderabad is such a blast! The excitement on their faces as they get temporary tattoos is priceless. Its amazing how a tattoo artist can add so much fun and colour to birthday parties, corporate events, and promotional events in Hyderabad. At sangeet ceremonies and weddings, having a tattoo artist adds a unique touch of creativity and entertainment in Hyderabad. The versatility of a tattoo artist in Hyderabad shines through in various celebrations, making them memorable for everyone involved. Kids especially love the experience of getting temporary tattoos done by a skilled artist in Hyderabad. The joy and laughter that fill the air at these events are truly heartwarming, thanks to the presence of a talented tattoo artist. So, whether its a birthday bash or a corporate gathering, consider including a tattoo artist to elevate the fun factor in Hyderabad!