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Mangala Snanam Set

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Mangala Snanam is a Traditional ceremony that is prevalent in south Indian weddings, especially in Telugu weddings. This Mangala Snanam is a ritual ceremony during which the bride and groom are supposed to take an auspicious bath on their wedding day, to purify them and prepare them to further perform the marriage rites and rituals.

Package Includes:

  • One specially designed chair ( lotus, swan, etc.,) for the bride or groom.
  • Designer brass vessels
  • One Jalleda & one Chembu
  • Simple rangoli with traditional flower petals around the vessels on the floor.

Rental Time: Up to 3 or 6 hours. Based on your Booking.

Requirements from Your End:

  • Sufficient space to set up.

Note: Mangala Snanam set up does not include backdrop decoration.

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