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Portrait Artist

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Portrait Artist Package Includes:

  • One Portrait Artist who can draw/sketch portraits of your guest.
  • The artist will bring all the needed things like paper, and pencils to draw.

Portrait Artist Duration:

  • Portrait Artist can be available for up to 3 to 6 hours (based on your choice of booking).

Requirements from Your End for The Portrait Artist:

  • The table and chair need to be arranged from your side for the portrait artist to carry out the activity.


  • Each portrait sketch may take 5 to 10 minutes.
  • In 3 hours the portrait artist can draw 18 to 20 portraits.

Why should you hire a Portrait Artist for a party in ?

A portrait artist is a cherished addition to kids' birthday parties, sangeet celebrations, weddings, corporate gatherings, and promotional events in . The joy of having a skilled portrait artist on these occasions in is unparalleled. Their talent brings life to every stroke, capturing precious moments in vivid detail. 's vibrant culture and rich heritage provide endless inspiration for these artists, making each portrait a work of art. Whether it's a playful birthday party or a formal corporate event, the presence of a portrait artist adds a touch of creativity and excitement in . Guests of all ages revel in the experience, watching as their features come alive on canvas. The city's love for art and festivities makes it the perfect canvas for these talented individuals to showcase their skills. From intricate details to expressive gestures, the portraits created in reflect the essence of every occasion they grace. So, next time you plan an event in , consider adding the magic of a portrait artist to make it truly unforgettable!