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Awesome Looking at Halfsaree

Book your event space for the half saree celebrations grand by jesvenues. We are offering you an easy online booking with excellent and good service based support for your events. India is a country that is full of tradition and culture and the highlighting news here is that this can vary between states, districts, cities, towns, villages and even families.

Half saree ceremony is usually kick started by the girl’s maternal uncle (mom’s bro) and/or the maternal grandparents.It is done when the girl is 11 yrs or 13 yrs before puberty. Since the transition from being a girl to a young women is no small matter, the family usually invites extended family and friends to bless and celebrate the coming of age.



1. A new pair of langa n blouse the normal one to wear before the ceremony (this can be bought by the girl’s parents also)

2. A pattu langa n voni to be bought by the maternal grandparents/uncle(mom’s brother)

3. A saree again by the grandparents/uncle.some gold is also given by the grandparents both sides depending on their financial status. first the girl is made to sit with the new langa n blouse.Then the maternal unle and aunt will present the pattu langa voni n blouse. The uncle and aunt have to put the voni on the girl also.

Memorable moments at half saree event in hyderabad

The girl changes the dress into langa voni. some puja is done.we give the girl fruits,sweets,flowers.then the girl usually sits with the aunt(dad’s sister if any or some one who is aunt from paternal side) for blessings of elders. During this process, the girl is also presented with various gifts this can vary between gold jewelry, clothes, and money but nothing less than that.then the maternal grandparents give the saree. she wears the saree and again she is made to sit for sometime for blessings.

The girl is then escorted to her extremely royal looking throne/chair where all the guests can come give their good blessing and enjoy the feast the family has arranged for them. The coming of age function is a ritual that has been taking place for a long time, it is a symbol of grow, maturity, and wisdom.


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