Planning Corporate Annual Day Celebration

Find your perfect venue for your company’s annual day celebration? Your search seems to be on the right track ‘cause we have got top three ideas for your annual day celebration which your employees and even the seniors will love it! So, why not go ahead and have a look.

1. Sports Annual Day

Plan your annual day as a Sports Day at an Outdoor Venue or a stadium to get your employees out of the workspace for a day. Get your plan ready beforehand to have a clear idea of the number of games you can conduct and the estimated duration of the whole event.


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Formal invitation needs to be sent before a month or 15 days, depending on the games and the preparation required. If your firm is huge, you can send it via emails and put up a huge invitation on the bulletin board. But, if your firm is a tiny one you can prefer a more personalized invitation and get creative with it.


For the bigger sports like cricket, football, kabaddi, etc. you will need an exact list of players which will help you avoid the chaos on the day.

Divide the departments into teams and let them decide the participation for different team games.

Declare a deadline, after which they can start practicing for their respective games and ask departments to register on time and make sure they follow it.


Running Corporate event

Following are few suggested games which are perfect for a Sports Day and can encourage team-bonding.


  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Kabaddi
  • Tug of War

Back-to-school games-

  • Sack race
  • Relay
  • Potato race
  • Musical chairs
  • Blind obstacles
  • Minute-to-win-it games



At the end of the day, it would be the time everyone would expect awards for the winners plus some kind of gratification towards the loyal and hardworking employees.

After distributing awards to the winners of the games, you can announce surprise awards for the following category. Include funny titles to keep the award distribution fun.

  • Best Sporty Person on Campus
  • Best Gossiper
  • Fashion Diva on Campus
  • Best Sneeker of all time
  • Best Flirt on Campus
  • Forever Late-Latiff

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