An Unforgettable B’day party Celebration can be done at Jesvenues.

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Planning to throw birthday bash for your loved ones.Its very simple by Jesvenues.You can now easily find your event spaces by checking availability dates and prices and can book by simply paying in online at

Planning first birthday party to your kid can be overwhelming. For birthday party to be successful it is essential that activities run smoothly and are well organized. Here’s an activity planning schedule to take out the stress of planning for best birthday bash.

Birthday Party Halls at jesvenues

1. Date

What date will you hold your birthday party?

2. Budget

What’s your budget for your activities in Birthday party. Include all essentials i.e., Theme Decor you are planning,entertainment in the party,art stalls for kids,photography & videography,play zones for kids,music and lighting,food and drinks,cake and cupcakes and return gifts(optional)…

*Attire: Birthday attire for your kid and other costumes.

3. invitation list

When compiling your invitation list of your guests for birthday party invite an additional 20% of guests that you can accommodate as usually 70% -80% of invitees attend.

4. venue Location

Where will your Birthday party to be held?
You have to look up for the venues(event spaces) based on your various parameters like ambiance, pricing, amenities, size, etc and then fix one best event space for your birthday party.

5.Send invites

Make sure your birthday party invitations are sent out well ahead of time so your guests can set aside the date.

6. RSVP s

Setting an RSVP date for your Birthday party will help you cater for your activities . Have all your replies come in by the due date? If not have a general ring/email/text around to those who haven’t so you can firm up guest numbers.

7.Hiring Birthday planners

If you want to hire a birthday planner make sure that he can be done with Birthday party Decoration.And hire other entertainment, photographers & videographers.

8.Plan your menu

When planning Birthday party menus (food) make a list of what food you will be serving at your party and the menu list should be finalized to the chef in the venue/event space(where you’re going to celebrate your birthday party) prior to three days of the Birthday party.

9. Kids table

If your Birthday party include children remember to keep them amused. Have fun activities for them at their table. Create of a list of anything that’s needed and go shopping.

*Pick a theme and colours
*order the cake accordingly
*select the goodies: stick to 2-3 different colours or go with treats that will go with your theme.
Buy the following if needed:
Cookies,cupcakes,Donuts,cake pops,Macrons,Marshmallows,Chocolates,Candies,pretzels…
*Birthday party caps,Pom-pom’s,eye-masks,vessels etc

10.Set the scene

Make sure that every thing is set according to your plan on the date of your kids birthday party.

At the day of Party dress up your kid gorgeously as he/she is the celebrity of the big birthday bash.Breathe,relax and enjoy every moment.Pick up some balloons,flowers etc.make showers of chocolates and cakes.Have fun with lots of entertainment,games,dance and masti. Click a lot of photographs.It was really a wonderful Birthday Bash that you will never forget in your whole life.


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